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How to create an online store in detail

How to create an online store in detail

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Answer How to create an online store in detail

Do you own products and want to sell them online through your own website? Do you want to start in the field of dropshipping? Don’t worry, my friend, today you are ready with a comprehensive guide that will teach you step by step how to Create an online store Without any previous experience in programming or in the way of managing websites and sharing my successful experience, where I achieved $ 3450 from it in less than a week.

Even if you do not own any products and want to work through e-commerce, I will share with you an easy way to create your own store, or what is called in English. online store And In which you will sell many products such as T-shirts and home furniture And many other services.

You will find many ways to create your store, such as using Shopify or Expand Cart, but today we will create an online store via wordpress because of the cost of creating your store and the many features that we will mention in this article, God willing.

Requirements for creating an online store via WordPress

  1. Paid domain: dot com domain is preferred
  2. Powerful hosting: supports the installation of WordPress
  3. Installing an SSL certificate
  4. WordPress template for online stores
  5. The important addition of electronic stores in WordPress Woocommerce

#1 Buying a domain for your store

Choosing a strong domain name for your store is the basis for success, my friend. What I advise you to do is that the domain name has to do with the niche that you will work with in relation to the products that you will sell.

For example If you sell t-shirts and T-shirts with pictures of dogs, you can name your store Dog lovers online store And you choose a domain close to this name in order to make it easier for you Export your site to search engines And obtaining many sales without promoting any sales for free, and for the domain to be easy to save so that the visitor remembers the name in the event that he likes the product and wants to buy again.

There are many companies that sell domains at a cheap price, but according to my experience, I see that Godaddy is the best, as you can use the discount coupon CJCRMN99U To get the first year at only 99 cents!

#2 Buy powerful hosting and install it with a domain

Strong hosting is the basis for the success of a professional online store, so I advise you on my wonderful experience with Hostgator, which provides great prices and A reduction of 61 percent of the hosting price that you can purchase from Hostgator link And use the discount coupon 2019alarbe7

Once you purchase the hosting, the site will send you many important data to enter your C Panel to manage your store, and one of the first steps that must be taken is WordPress installation On hosting (it is free when you use Hostgator).

#3 Install an SSL certificate on your site

You will not need to purchase an SSL protection certificate because you have purchased hosting from Hostgator, which is provided free of charge, my friend. You will only need 24 to 48 hours to activate it with your domain name.

After that, in order for the certificate to work automatically, you must add this plugin for WordPress, which is Really simple SSL Which will directly work once activated.

Really simple SSL

#4 Choose an online store template and upload it

To create a professional and integrated store, you need a strong template that supports the e-commerce plugin in WordPress, which is woocommerce, so I present to you the wonderful and paid Flatsome template, which you can purchase via a link flat template

Electronic shop

#5 Create a WordPress online store and install all the important plugins

After uploading the template to your WordPress hosting and activating it, the template will lead you to easy steps to install it and install important plugins such as woocommerce that will help us manage our store.

You can modify it according to the most beautiful template, as it provides many copies of the demo suitable for you.

Availability of woocommerce portal There are many payment methods that suit any person and any country, the most famous of which is, of course, Paypal And also payment via Stripe Bank and other methods, including what is free and what is paid.

#6 Important pages to add

WooCommerce automatically installs many important pages, such as the purchase page, the cart page, and other basic pages in creating an integrated store. However, there are many other important pages that must be added, such as the privacy policy page, the return policy, and the terms and conditions of the store.

All these wonderful pages you can download their codes from a link Pages to create a shop .

You will also need a contact us page, and creating it is very easy by downloading and installing an add-on Contact form 7 Which does this professionally by simply copying its code into a new page.
One of the important additions that I recommend using is via download This code The one that contains the CSS file will increase the add product to cart button aesthetically.
One of the basic pages that you must add to your site is the product tracking page or the Traking page. You can easily create it by adding a new page and adding Tracking page code And publish the page in the place you like in your store.
You can also add a woocommerce code that allows the buyer to choose the color from the list in an attractive and professional way. This addition is usually paid, but I will provide it to you for free via a link. WooSwatches

Preparing the products and T-shirts that we sell

Here the idea will be that you, my friend, will subscribe to an intermediary site It prints and sends t-shirts and the rest of the products to customers without your intervention That is, what you will do is simply pay in advance for that company, and it will do all the work, meaning that as soon as the customer enters your store and likes one of the T-shirts that he will buy, the broker site does everything from printing, sending and You win the material difference between the real product price you paid for the site and the amount you put in your store (Of course, you determine this profit difference) as if you work in the field of dropshipping, but in a more professional way and guaranteed profits away from shipping problems.

There are many companies that do this work or what is called Print on demand for e-commerce But according to my experience, the best is the site Print Which gives distinguished prices and quality, and guaranteed shipping methods for all the customers of your store.

Once you open an account, you will need to link the Tatt site with Tatt, so what you will do is simply set up an add-on Print integration for WooCommerce Which will link your store with the site and later start adding your products.

Electronic shop
Electronic shop

With regard to designs, you will find many T-shirts that you can choose for men or women, or many other wonderful products. You will only upload your own design, except for a logo, image, or any design related to your store, and upload it with ease, and then you will get an integrated store design. .
You can follow this video in which I explained all the previous stages step by step

The best niches in the field of Print on Demand

There are many distinct areas in the field of profit via Print on Demand, and here I will present to you the best areas for niches that you can work on in your store and earn from them:
  • travel niche
  • nitsch love
  • pet nitsch
  • endangered animal niche
  • coffee niche
  • yoga niche
  • Bicycling enthusiasts
  • Niche tips
And here I will give you a gift from me, a set of my designs that you can use in your store in a free way, with the rights to publish it
Design download link here

Creating a POD online store step by step: a very profitable project

Now, my friend, you can create your own online store in the field of profit from POD by following all the previous steps in the article. What is different here is that you will sell T-shirts and gifts according to the customer’s choice, meaning that you will enable the buyer to choose himself the logo or design on what he wants, and this will encourage him to buy, God willing. This field is very profitable, especially as it is excellent as a gift for a family member, friend, or others.
The only difference here is that you will need a plugin that enables the customer to design the design himself, and this you will find in the excellent plugin AAA, which offers this wonderful feature without any previous experience.
You can now order from snow binding

Promote your store to get sales

After creating the store, it is definitely time to promote it and get sales, and I personally prefer Instagram in promoting wonderful T-shirts, where you can, if you have a large and interactive account with the same niche of your store, put pictures of your designs and say that the purchase link is in The location is in the description.
As for the paid method of promotion, which is of course the best, by creating an Instagram ad to target the same category of your store and send them to purchase links (you will get many sales when making a strong and targeted ad).

You can also use Facebook and YouTube ads to bring in additional sales.
I hope that with this article I have succeeded in providing you with a comprehensive guide To create a professional online storeSo that, God willing, it will be a reason to help many ambitious young people who look forward to the future.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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