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Profit from Amazon affiliate for beginners [ خطوة بخطوة ]

Profit from Amazon affiliate for beginners [ خطوة بخطوة ]

The profit from the Internet blog offers you articles and information about profit from the Internet in more than one field, where you can work from home and achieve appropriate income using many methods

Answer Profit from Amazon affiliate for beginners [ خطوة بخطوة ]

Prepare Earn from Amazon The most important ways to profit for everyone who works in the field Affiliate marketing And Affiliate For several reasons, the most important of which is that Amazon site It is the largest in the world for selling products via the Internet The number one site for online shopping In the United States of America, and in this article we will explain today in a video How to earn money from amazon affiliate And the most important business and marketing strategies for this wonderful site.

Amazon is the best place to earn from affiliate marketing

that you are lovers Affiliate marketing Or through social networks, Amazon will be the right place for you to achieve huge profits via the Internet. The site provides an affiliate system that I personally consider better than others, especially its biggest competitors such as eBay, because it offers an initial commission once you open your account by 4 percent when selling any product on Through your link, and this percentage is increasing according to the quality of the product you are

You market to him and also according to the number of your monthly sales.

It means, by a simple mathematical process, that if a person buys a product through your referral link for $1,000, your profit will be $40. Just do not be pessimistic and do not say that no one will buy with this amount. If you go deep into the site and follow the offered products, you will notice that if you do marketing For products such as jewelry, your profits will be imaginary.

As one expert says, the difference between a successful marketer and a failure is in choosing the product

Choose a profitable niche in Amazon

There are many great products that you can promote, so, as an advice from me, to get the largest number of sales from your affiliate link, always search for products You get more than 50 ratings, and the number of stars must be between 4 to 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You can use the link to the most sold on Amazon or what is called Best sellers on Amazon Where it will directly give you the most products currently sold according to the niche, and therefore you will easily choose a product that has a great demand, and this will help you increase your sales.

Earning from Amazon Affiliate

Marketing products for free using SEO

According to my wonderful experience in the affiliate field, the best and easiest way to free marketing Amazon products is by creating a blog dedicated to a niche that has many sales, writing excellent articles about that niche, and adding your affiliate links in those articles.
You must create a strong blog that respects the terms of SEO in order to be able to Search engines issue Thus, you get free visits of high quality, and therefore more sales and profits.

1 Create a blog

To create your blog, my friend, you must first buy a good domain that has to do with the niche that you are thinking of targeting, and here I personally advise you on the GoDaddy website, which provides that at a price of only one dollar for the first year by using the discount coupon CJCRMN99U

You also need strong hosting and give Free SSL protection Therefore, I recommend hosting the wonderful Hostgator, which has special prices, which are suitable for beginners, and a significant discount on entering through HostGator link And use the discount coupon 2019alarbe7

We will also use a professional template related to the niche we are targeting (in this example, a technical niche was used, so I chose to use the Newspaper template).
You can download this featured template via a link Newspaper template download

Writing articles is the most important part of the success of this method, as you will write professional articles in a news format and add affiliate links to your article.

Amazon subsidiary

2 Marketing via SEO

The easiest and best free way to market your articles and get free sales is through SEO or what is called creating your articles internally and externally to bring in visits via Google, Bing, and Profit from Amazon for beginners .
You also need to look for strong and easy-to-compete keywords at the same time Get visits and get sales Here, I recommend using powerful tools to help you work and search for keywords, the most important of which is a tool key words Which you can use for free by creating an account and knowing the keyword that you are competing for and its difficulty, and also it will give you some related words, and therefore you can target the best keywords that are easy to compete with and have an acceptable monthly search.
I also recommend using the legendary SEO tool smrash Where you can create a demo account and use it as my friend by including keywords in a news format such as adding the word What
I personally advise to improve the internal SEO of WordPress blogs by adding Yost seo The leader, which will help you build articles that are compatible with SEO, and also show the most important current errors.
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How to register and start marketing Amazon products

I advise you to first watch this video, which explains in detail the methods Profit from Amazon for beginners With all the stages, which will save you time and effort.

And now I explain with pictures how to subscribe to the Amazon affiliate

First, we log in from here >> Earn from Amazon

Click to subscribe

Earn from Amazon

Then we enter the email with which we will subscribe to Amazon 2022

Earn from Amazon

Then you add your full name and enter the password.

Earn from Amazon

Add your personal address information, and the most important thing is the phone, because the site

He will request to activate the account via a phone call and enter the special code.

Earn from Amazon

In the next stage, you add your personal website or Android application that you will use

By promoting Amazon products, if you do not have a website, you can put a link to your Twitter account, provided that the account is

Big and after many followers to be accepted,

Earn from Amazon

And then you add the hands of the store you want to promote on Amazon and describe your site

And the goods and products that you want to promote and Earn from Amazon .

Earn from Amazon

After doing the previous steps, you will be asked to activate the account with the phone number call way

And you enter the code, and thus your account becomes disabled and you just wait for the account approval confirmation message

Congratulations, you are now one of the marketers for Amazon products, and you can start publishing links

products and start Profit from the Internet .

To market any product, it is enough to click on Get Link and then copy the referral link

and publish it on your website or your accounts on social networking sites,

What is unique about the site is that you can change the icon and colors according to what suits your site.

Earn from Amazon

For the most important point Withdraw your profits from Amazon. There are many ways, the best for us in the Arab world is a card Payoneer Where you can link your Amazon affiliate account with Payoneer Bank and withdraw profits with ease.

If you want practical training on this wonderful strategy and to learn to build your own website, I am helping you today, my friend, through Amazon affiliate course of the profit blog.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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