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Profit from Amazon Kindle: The easiest way to earn for beginners without capital

Profit from Amazon Kindle: The easiest way to earn for beginners without capital

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Answer Profit from Amazon Kindle: The easiest way to earn for beginners without capital

It is considered Earn from Amazon Kindle One of the easiest and best ways Profit for beginners Those who want to start making big profits per month without the need for capital, but the most important obstacle facing most of them is the weakness of the English language and the inability to write or buy strong books in order to sell them on the Amazon Kindle website, so today, my dears, I present to you this comprehensive guide for beginners to achieve Big profits via Amazon KDP without any previous experience or skill, and without any content either!

Yes, what you hear is correct, without any content, and the field that we will present today is called selling NO CONTENT BOOKS, my dears.

What is Amazon Kindle or AMAZON KDP?

Simply, my friend, this field is one of the fields of printing on demand, meaning that you upload your books and magazines to this site, and they are not printed except when requested by the customer, meaning that you will upload all information about your e-book such as content, cover, etc. to Amazon He will print it and send it to the buyer.

>> Your profits will be, of course, after calculating the print price and Amazon commission.

Types of books that can be sold without experience or what is called NO CONTENT BOOKS

  • notebooks
  • Sketchbook and coloring for children
  • Magazines that contain some tips
  • Recipe books
  • Diet trackers
  • Kids puzzle game

Of course, these are some types of books that can be sold and that do not need content or have weak content and therefore do not need any previous experience, my brothers, and as I said earlier that this field will not require capital from you, the materials that we will use to design the books will be free as I will explain in the rest of the article .

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I also point out that the types I mentioned have thousands of niches and fields branching out from them, my brothers. If we mentioned, for example, notebooks, they can be used in many different fields, which will help you choose the field that has a large percentage of your sales and little competition.

How to create a book and upload it to Amazon Kindle?

Creating a book without content: for example, a word search game for children

Here I will show you in detail how you will create this book and profit from Amazon Kindle through it later. The first step we will take is to create the game where you can Login to this site And choose the words that you want the children to search for in each slap, then generate the words.

Earn from Amazon Kindle

Of course, you will create many pages similar to the page you see now, for example 100 pages, with changing the words. Of course, my friend, if we choose the names of the animals, you will change the names of these animals every time.

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To create the book and its cover, we will need to create an account on the site Canva Who provides this service for free, then you are confused about the dimensions of your book and you amend it so that it looks professional and brings you sales, God willing.

Earn from Amazon Kindle

Of course, you will then make the necessary adjustments to your book to make sure that it is ready, and now to the stage of uploading it to Amazon and Earn from Amazon Kindle .

Upload your book on Amazon Kindle

  • When your book is ready, head to the link Amazon KDP If you have an Amazon account, you will register through it, or you will create a new account, my friend.
  • You will agree to the terms and the most important step when uploading your book is choosing Paperback box Because our book is not of good quality, my brothers, it cannot be uploaded with the books, but rather in the field of volumes, documents and notebooks.
  • You will choose a distinctive title for your book with your focus on the targeted niche, a strong description, and smart keyword selection, with a reference to not repeating keywords in Amazon Kindle, my dears, because this is considered spam, so your book will never appear in the first ranks if you work illegally.
  • Choose your book category carefully to avoid competition.
  • In the next stage, we will upload the book, and the best feature is that Amazon gives you a free ISBN number for your book, and you choose the size of the book, the times, and the quality of the paper, then you upload the content of the book, then the cover.
  • Amazon will enable you to see the book before it is published, to edit it if you find any errors.
  • The next stage is choosing the price, and of course, the higher the price, the greater your profits, but I always advise you to choose a suitable price that is similar to all books that benefit your field.

And of course, Amazon will show it and the beginning of its appearance on the site after the review, and of course, as we said previously, as soon as any buyer requests it, Amazon will print it and send it to him, and therefore you will achieve great profits if you focus in a field that does not have competition and has many sales.

With regard to withdrawing your profits, it will be through your bank account, and here you can use the Payoneer website, which gives you a free American account with a MasterCard card to withdraw your cash profits.

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I hope that this comprehensive guide to profit from the Amazon Kindle has benefited you, my friend, so start from now and start working and uploading your books.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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