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Profit from CPA and make $ 500 per month

Profit from CPA and make $ 500 per month

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Answer Profit from CPA and make $ 500 per month

Today I present to you a comprehensive guide in Earn from CPA And achieving 500 dollars per month from scratch until you achieve your first dollars from this distinguished field. Therefore, this article will be long, so I advise you to close the rest of the pages and focus on it completely. Otherwise, this guide will be attached to our explanations via video, so that everything is clear to you, my brother, so that you can benefit.

The lesson will be renewed, meaning that we will update it every time to add new and modern information that you need in this field.

Explanation of CPA and what exactly is it? And how can profit from this field?

CBI CPA It is an English word abbreviated for the word The cost of the procedure Ie simply it is price versus movement and This movement may be a registration on a site, entering information such as email and postal number, installing programs or applications, purchasing a specific product, or even just adding a credit card and obtaining the product for free for a trial period.

You could Earn from CPA Through companies or networks specialized in making offers, they act as intermediaries between the advertiser and the publisher, as they give the publisher these offers, which he markets and gives him a certain commission from the value of the offer in exchange for marketing them.

Where do I start exactly? And what do I need to start making money from marketing CPA offers?

To begin with, the most important thing and one of the most important CPA earning secrets It is choosing the company that suits you and suits your experience in the field. If you are a beginner, no big CPA company will accept you, so you have to choose companies that accept beginners, and secondly, you have to verify the payment methods that suit you because the payment methods from the offer sites are different, so you will find someone who pays via Paypal and Payoneer Or bank transfer or other methods such as payment via Digital currencies also

I advise you to start with a site deferred payment It is considered the largest platform to search for CPA companies Rather, it evaluates them according to users, and you also find proof of payment and payment methods in order to guarantee your rights.

Earn from CPA

Log in to each company to see the payment methods, the minimum amount for withdrawing money, the comments of the people who work in the company, and many important information that you need.


What are the best CPA companies that accept beginners, and are there any Arab companies?

According to my experience, there are many large companies that accept beginners, the most important of which is a company adworkmedia and cpalead And adworkmedia As for the easiest one, honestly, with immediate acceptance, it is a company cpagrip

For Arab companies consider Hsoub network to profit from CPA offers It is the best and I beware of the Arabyads company, which I had previous dealings with and defrauded me of more than 1000 dollars.

What do you need to get started in the field of CPA?

A website, and it is required that it be with a paid domain, and it does not matter on which platform you made it, as there is no difference between the Blogger or WordPress platform. And you will need the site because when you try to fill out the registration form for any CPA company, they will ask you to provide them with a link to your site, and here I prefer that your site be niche, i.e. specializing in a specific field, because it will make it easier for you to promote offers, and I also advise you not to submit a new site that does not have a ranking on Alexa because that A negative sign that your site is not good or that you could be a spammer.

E-mail, preferably professional mail with your site’s domain, you can buy it from the same company from which you took the domain, such as Godaddy, for example, as this will help you gain the company’s credibility to accept you, but do not worry, even Gmail’s mail can be accepted if you literally follow the advice that I will give you in Request to register with the company, and as evidence of the credibility of my words, I am registered with the largest CPA company in the world, which is a company firefly By email via Gmail.

Earn from CPA

A balance of money to promote offers such as $ 50 as a start, and do not worry if you are unable to promote paid, I will also teach you some methods Free promotion of CPA offers .

A smart way to choose a CPA company

except for the way you mentioned to choose CPA Company There is another way to choose which one you will work with. I recommend it, especially to people who have a previous idea about CBI Offers It is to search first for offers and then search for companies.
As a practical example, I want to market a program VPN You must first log in to the site vault advance Who offers all the offers and companies that you offer, then write VPN in the search box, and thus you will find the best offers and companies that you offer, and what are your profits from each offer.

Earn from CPA

I leave you with the first video with an explanation

As for the second part of the course, we have explained how to participate in any CPA Company Even if you are a beginner with a guarantee of your acceptance, God willing, it depends especially on the type of questions that CPA companies ask, where you always want to make sure that you know the field and are not a spammer. You just want to enter the VPN and implement the offers yourself or through your friends, as many Arabs do Unfortunately .

The most important question that CBI companies ask you is whether you will promote Incentive offers. Your answer should always be no to this particular question, even if you intend to promote such offers in the upcoming journey.

I leave you with the second video in which I mentioned the details and how it was accepted to easily register my account in a large company such as AdWork Media, which I advise you if you are a beginner to subscribe to due to the large number of offers and the great credibility of the company.

The third part of CPA education

This part is the most important and the best because we explain the design method Landing Page landing Page Professionalism to promote your offer that you have chosen, and the question is why do I use a landing page or a landing page? The simple answer is that you cannot promote the display link directly, no matter what kind of advertising company you use, most of them do not accept CBI links, so the Landing Page page plays the role of mediator between the advertising company and the direct display.
Of course, there are many designers who can make a professional landing page through programming, but you will need hosting to raise that page, which can cost you additional money, especially if you are a beginner, so we found the solution through a website Boarding Excellent, which offers many landing pages for free, and also enables you to create a domain for that page after modifying it and taking a direct link, meaning that you will not pay anything for a professional service that may cost you a lot.
As for the second site, which is the best in my opinion, it is the site adsbridge Because it offers at the same time free landing pages that you can modify, as well as a professional program to track and review your advertising campaign CPA offer Which you promote and watch the conversion rate for each offer so that you can earn money easily and that all your advertising campaigns succeed.
The only drawback of this program is that it is paid, but it offers a week for free that you can take advantage of, and it also offers 50,000 increases in the trial version.

How do I promote CBI offers? And what are the best types of traffic?

The most important stage in the field Earn from CPA It is, of course, promoting the offer and choosing the appropriate traffic to bring visits to the offer that you are promoting and the most important Ways to market CPA offers And here I want to show that there are many ways to get visits or traffic, and according to my experience, I will summarize it in two sites that offer this feature in a free way (for beginners) and also paid (of course, paid ones are more targeted and more profitable).

Promote offers via Reddit

Reddit is one of the best places to get many targeted visits, especially since most of the visitors to the site are from America, Canada and Australia, and the percentage of visitors is very large, as it It is the sixth in the world and the fourth in America According to Alexa statistics, therefore, I will teach you two ways to promote through this site, the first is free and the second is paid.

The free way to promote CPA offers

To promote your offers via Reddit, you must first create an account on this site, then activate the account by commenting on people’s posts to get what is called Karma points, and when you get a large number of points, you can put your first link (of course you will not You put the profit link directly, but you will put the link to the affiliate page as we explained earlier) and to put the link in the appropriate place or what is called subreddits
Of course, the site contains many subreddits, so you have to choose the appropriate one according to the offer that you will publish in order to get the largest number of targeted people
Did you not understand well how? Do not worry, my brother, I will give you a practical example of this strategy.
Let’s say that I chose to promote NordVPN, which is a great VPN program, so what I will do is go to reddit and choose subreddits related to the site, and here I choose vpncoupons for coupons for VPN sites, and here I add my landing page, and then I will ensure that I get many targeted visits and many Sales and therefore easy profits from this offer, even though I did not pay any cent!

Earn from CPA

Earn from CPA

The paid way to promote CPA offers

paid method To make money from CPA offers It will be through the same site, which is the Reddit site, but here we will rely on the paid Reddit ads, which have a link to, which will enable us to carry out a targeted advertising campaign at a very cheap price compared to the rest of the paid sites.
First, we have to understand how Reddit ads work. The payment in it is for impressions, not for clicking, or what is called paying for CPM, meaning that you pay money for every thousand impressions of your ad .
What is unique about it is that you can target the country, gender, and also interests, and even in any subreddits your ad appears, and this is very important so that you send your ad only to people who are interested.
The minimum amount to create your campaign on Reddit is $20, and the best amount, according to my experience, to create an ad is $2 for every 1,000 ad impressions. In expensive countries like America and Canada.
I will give you the stages of creating a successful funded advertisement on reddit, with explanations in pictures

Earn from CPA

Earn from CPA

And as you notice in the last image, it will be the image of our advertisement, and here, of course, our advertisement will be checked by the management of the site, then you will activate it, and then you will follow your campaign as we explained previously to see the results. If it was successful, you increase the money, and if it was unsuccessful, you create a new campaign.

Promote CPA offers via popup sites

There are many sources of excellent traffic to promote CPA offers, and pop-up advertising sites, or what is called pop under traffic, are considered one of the best ways to promote, especially for software download offers such as downloading Media Player or Flash software, or special offers for winning important gifts such as winning iPhone X or winning Amazon cards Or other prizes of high value.
The best site that I recommend for promotion in this field is popcash, especially since it accepts beginners and owners of small capital, as it is considered the smallest amount that can be deposited in it is 5 dollars via Paypal bank, which I think is appropriate for beginners.
You can subscribe and start your first advertising campaign via popcash link

Start now in choosing the appropriate offer according to your company, which will have an excellent profit rate, and start now in the first advertising campaign to promote the offers that we mentioned, and I wish you success, my friend.

Example of a successful campaign

Here I wanted to share with you, my brothers, an example of a successful advertising campaign that I used Bing ads And a suitable offer that gives $ 3.6 to each person who registers on the site and activates his account via e-mail.
Of course, my friend, do not publish the offer link directly, as this will lead to the deletion of your account, and what I advise you to do is to use a professional landing page, which is what I did through this successful experience, where I used clickfunnels to create a professional page similar to the offer page and made it direct to my affiliate link.
You can get 14 days free And discover this wonderful program via a link Clickfunnels landing page

Of course, here I chose the best keywords for the advertising campaign, by spying on other successful campaigns using a website ispionage In which it is sufficient to add the link to the website of the campaign, and it will add all the information about the successful keywords and examples of ads that brought the highest conversion rate.
In the next picture, some information about the campaign that I carried out and the wonderful results that I got.


Never forget that the secret of success in the field of CBI or tracking is choosing the right offer.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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