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Profit from the Internet in nine steps

Profit from the Internet in nine steps

The profit from the Internet blog offers you articles and information about profit from the Internet in more than one field, where you can work from home and achieve appropriate income using many methods

Answer Profit from the Internet in nine steps

Dear followers of the earnings blog, I present to you today The best ways to profit from the Internet And achieving a good amount and income, we had previously presented several lessons in the blog Profit from the Internet And how to multiply profits quickly. Today, the lesson will be a guide for the brothers, and each one can work in the field that suits his perceptions and capabilities. It will not be impossible, as some brothers imagine, in getting your first Ten dollars God willing, if you follow the explanation with me. And remember my dear brother that Real profit from the Internet Its basis is work, perseverance, and avoiding previous mistakes, and that the best way to make a quick profit is to try to invest the first amount you win in order to double it.

Profit from the Internet by creating a website:

The first way is Profit from the Internet By creating a website and profit from it

In various ways, the most famous of which is placing ads that enable you to make a profit, such as Adsense ads or sites that pay by clicking on ads, the most famous of which in the Arab world is Hsoub ads.

Although this method is profitable and guaranteed, this process requires experience, so you must write a lot of content, especially exclusive, and this is not easy for all brothers.

If you want my advice, my brother, if you do not have sufficient experience in this field, you should work on free blogs such as Blogger, write in your field of study or donate in it, and stay away from copied articles.

If you have an Adsense account and work in this field, my brother, I advise you to review the following article, which will enable you

From doubling the profits, God willing. >> Earn money from Adsense without the need for a website .

Profit from YouTube

As for the second method, which is profit from YouTube, it is, in my opinion, one of the easiest ways Profit from the Internet And I prefer it, and I personally like this method, and I advise my fellow beginners to use it, first because it is a very simple process, and secondly, because YouTube publishes your videos and helps you.

Just try to find videos without rights, and I recommend videos that you make and publish.

I present to you, my brother, this wonderful and complete explanation of profit from YouTube, if you do not find the appropriate field for work >> aTo profit from YouTube in four steps .

Profit from shortening links

The third way is to profit from shortening links, and its idea is that you put a shortened link for anyone who clicks on it, it turns directly to another site, waits for some seconds, and then moves to the correct required place.

Of course, you will earn money with every transfer.

One of the best sites and the first ever. It allows you to shorten links and profit through them. The site is characterized by its speed and credibility in payment, and payment is made starting from $ 5 as a minimum.

My advice to you, my brother, if you work in this field, is to deal with foreign content, especially with this company, because your profits will be more.

This is a list for you of the most important foreign forums that do not prevent the publication of shortened links.

2- Classified ads

3- Bisbiso

4- Black Hat World

5- directly

Another idea:

For example, if you made this guide in the form of an e-book, then put a banner on your blog, a post on Facebook, Twitter, and a video on YouTube, and marketed these things as well, as if the link to the book was short, you will earn money.

You can also follow this post that is related to the same field >> Earn by shortening links with $3 gift .

Profit from the Internet by downloading files

Fourth method in Profit from the Internet It is by downloading files, and it is one of the most well-known methods for beginners. You will earn money when someone downloads a specific file, and you are the one who uploaded it.

Among the most famous of these companies is sharecash, and fillesin, most of which pay $4 per 1000 downloads.
My advice to you, my brother, is to download a wonderful and useful file, not any file, a wonderful and useful file, and a market for this file.
The file may be a book (PLR) (free book) whose content is very good and will do the trick.
Use social networks, use question and answer sites, use forums, you will find
Anyone who uploads your profile will earn money.
One of the most popular sites that earn a lot in this way is download sites
Movies (such as Egy, Tunisia Sat, and others).

You can read this post that will help you in earning >> The best way to profit from downloading files .

Profit from microservices

Fifth method in Profit from the Internet By providing microservices
The method is very suitable for beginners, and whoever is looking for his first dollar from the Internet, you will earn a little money for simple work, such as writing
Comment on a blog, like a post, post a video on forums, or something else.
There are sites on the Internet called microjobs
Her idea is that there are business owners who need to do small tasks, but they are tiring. Here comes your turn.
As a business owner, I ask fifty people to like a post I have on my Facebook page, and I give each of them 10 cents.
As an employer, I ask thirty people to comment on a video on my YouTube channel, and I give each of them 30 cents.
If you do 20 small jobs a day, you, as a worker, will reach what you want. You will reach your big dream of earning $ 10. Isn’t that wonderful?
Follow this post, which is the best, and it will explain how to earn money from this method >> Earn more than 10 dollars a day from the Internet .

Profit from watching ads

The sixth way to profit from the Internet is by watching ads. There are sites that make you money only when you go to them and click on an ad and watch it for a certain period (15 or 30 seconds).
And then you win a cent or two, and this method really needs a very patient person who sits daily and waits for long months to see a little money, but it is the easiest to earn money from the Internet because it only requires patience.
These sites are called PTC, and they are really present in abundance on the Internet. You only have to participate in more than ten of them in order to earn a good amount daily.
The most famous of these sites are and NeoBux

Earning from affiliate

The seventh method in Profit from the Internet It is profit from affiliate or commission marketing, and this method is based on marketing a product or service via the Internet and obtaining a percentage of every purchase of this product or service. You can do marketing if you own a website, blog, forum, or even have pages on Facebook Or Twitter or something.
My advice to you, my brother, is that if you are marketing products related to sports, health, and others, you can place the affiliate product on sports sites or health sites, etc., so that there is a degree of interest in the product or service that you offer, and then that will return to you with profit.
The most famous affiliate profit sites are Click Bank globally and Echo Arabia.

Earn from collecting bitcoins

The eighth method in Profit from the Internet is by collecting bitcoin,
Bitcoin is a fully electronic virtual currency that circulates on the Internet without its physical presence. It is a global currency that can be converted to any other currency, such as the dollar and the euro, while preserving its value, and it differs from traditional currencies without an organized body such as banks, and we have published many lessons in the blog on how to earn this currency and how to deal with it and convert it into dollars.
I advise you, my brother, to review these posts if you want to profit in this field
>> Earn bitcoins for free

>> The fastest way to double your bitcoin earnings

>> Earn $10 daily from bitcoin

Profit from the Internet through survey sites

Method nine in Profit from the Internet It is through survey sites spread on the Internet and pays you money in exchange for your opinion about a product or service for companies that are interested in collecting information from people with certain specifications such as a certain age group or a specific geographical area in order to improve existing or new services or products (marketing research) based on Find the opinions of the research sample members by answering some optional questions by marking the answer that you think is more appropriate in your opinion, as you can see in the image above.
This process, which is called taking surveys, takes a few minutes of your time, and you earn an amount of money from it, starting from $1 and sometimes more than $100. It varies from one company to another, according to various factors such as the length of the questions.
According to my opinion, this method is very suitable for sisters at home who want to achieve additional income and have enough time, because these questionnaires do not require any experience, as they are simple questions about your daily life, and you answer and earn money.
The most famous Arab site in this field is YouGov.

And here we come to the conclusion of our lesson Profit from the Internet In nine steps, I hope this comprehensive and lengthy guide has helped many of you on your journey to achieving your goal Good income from the Internet .

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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