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The 5 best ways to profit from Twitter and achieve great profits

The 5 best ways to profit from Twitter and achieve great profits

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Answer The 5 best ways to profit from Twitter and achieve great profits

Who among us does not know Twitter, that social network that includes thousands of subscribers around the world, which is the third largest social network in the world after Facebook and Instagram, so do you know that it Can you make big profits from it? do you know that Earning from Twitter One of the easiest and best current profit methods for beginners?

Yes, it is the easiest way for beginners. You simply need only a computer and a Twitter account in order to be able to start making a profit through many strategies, which I will present to you today. The 5 best ways to make big profits through your account .
The strategies we will explain in this article:

  1. Profit from selling tweets on a Twitter account
  2. Earn money from shortening links through a Twitter account
  3. Promote affiliate offers
  4. Profit by selling followers on Twitter
  5. Sell ​​products for your online store

#1 Profit from selling tweets on a Twitter account

Although this method is not very well known in our Arab world, it is the easiest and fastest way to earn money via Twitter.

The strategy is simply to create a tweet with a photo, article link, video, or product link for the customer, and you get paid for posting that tweet.

Of course, this strategy You need a strong and interactive Twitter account with a large number of followers And the most important thing to be A specialized account in a specific field In order to bring the customer to communicate with you and pay you money in exchange for posting a tweet on your account.

A practical example: You create a Twitter account for the field of weight loss, and you publish daily tweets with many useful tips, many expressive pictures and videos, with the active use of hashtag, which is related to the information you provide.
Also, follow the largest number of people interested in this field, and therefore they will follow up on your account, especially when following the huge amount of useful information and advice that you provide, and with daily work with the same strategy, especially focusing on an active hashtag in your field, your account will grow quickly.
When you reach a large number of engaged and interested followers, you can then start selling your tweets easily.

The easiest way to sell your tweets and get paid is to create an account on Twitter Pfeiffer website And it turns out to people that you are selling the service of posting a link to their product or its image in one of your tweets for a fee (the return varies according to the volume of interaction and the number of followers).

You can see the picture in the bottom of one of the services that achieved more than $ 420 easily and without any effort.

Earning from Twitter

#2 Earn money shortening links through your Twitter account

Unlike Facebook, which brings shortened links and profit-making links Twitter site No link is available, so if you have a lot of active followers on your account, you can shorten important links related to the publications of your account, shorten the link to an important article through one of the profit sites from shortening links, and add a strong hashtag related to the content of that article, and this will ensure, God willing You get good profits from every click on those links.

Imagine with me, my brother, an interactive account. I added a tweet professionally, and I shortened the link to an article related to that tweet, and I got 3000 clicks, and skipped the short link that I put, so you can earn more than 30 dollars easily.

For example, the image below shows how the account holder uses the shortened links to make money easily.

honestly Profit from shortening links Very easy with Twitter.
Earning from Twitter

#3 Promote affiliate offers

Personally, I consider Twitter one of the best places for anyone who wants to work in the field of commission or affiliate marketing. If we make a simple comparison between it and Facebook, we will find that The reach of publications on Facebook does not exceed 1 percent of followers, in the event that it can exceed 10 percent on Twitter, especially when choosing an active hashtag.

Making a profit from Twitter through affiliate offers is easy. It is sufficient to pre-subscribe with a good affiliate offer related to your account, then add a short video or image in one of your tweets with the addition of your affiliate link, and then you will get big profits from everyone who will use your affiliate link. to purchase that product.

As a practical example, you can see the following picture, and we are presenting a Xiaomi phone and promoting an affiliate offer for the Gerbest website.

Earning from Twitter

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#4 Earn by selling Twitter followers

There are many people like you who want to enlarge their account or are looking for Ways to earn from Twitter Therefore, they find it difficult to obtain real followers, especially since doing paid advertising on Twitter is expensive, so what you can do is sell real followers.

The simple way is that you retweet through your interactive account for one of the posts of the client who wants to get the largest number of followers, and in return he pays you money for every retweet you make.

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You can also agree in advance on a certain number of publications that will contain a link to the customer’s account.

The easiest way to work in this way is through micro-service sites such as Fiverr, Fiverr, or seoclerk

You can see the picture that shows a person working with the same strategy.

Earning from Twitter

#5 Sell products for your online store

Twitter is a great place for everyone who wants to promote the products they sell for free, especially everyone who works in the field of drop shipping, as you can create a Twitter account for your store and add many tweets that include pictures of the best products related to your store at the beginning and when the account spreads And to get a large number of followers, you can start by adding tweets that include discount coupons for the product you are selling with an attractive picture of that product and its purchase link.
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You will get a large number of sales and large profits if you follow the same strategy, especially maintaining the interaction of the account by always publishing by adding the best hashtags that are related to the field of your store.

To understand the method more, you can see the image of this lady, who is promoting her own store via Twitter.

Earning from Twitter

You can follow this video in which we explained one of the wonderful profit strategies from Twitter by using rich countries such as America and Canada and using important events in these countries,

In the end I want to show that Earning from Twitter For the purpose of writing these lines, it is not through Twitter directly, but rather by using this social network to obtain traffic in an indirect way.

And you can ask questions on the content site through the word “Ask a question” at the top of the site, where we answer your questions in a short time

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